Dissolution is a high energy and emotion piece choreographed by Tobiah Booth-Reemers. It investigates power, the decent from unity of a group, group mentality and individualism. The costumes were required to be unified but distinguish those with power and those without. Along with distressing clothes were given hidden closures so shoulders could be ripped open, shirts torn and entire tops including bra be removed easily during the show. A variety of epaulets were made and swapped between dancers representing power. The epaulets were fashioned from feathers, plastic, mesh and a variety of military inspired ribbons and braid.

Dance: Dissolution

Choreographer: Tobian Booth-Remmers

Costume design: Bianka Kennedy

Location: Main Theatre, ACA

Date: April 2016

Role: Lead costume design. Costume altering and making, distressing. Twelve costumes.


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