Live design

Mother Courage and Her Children

Play: Mother Courage and Her Children by Brecht

Director: Charles Sanders

Venue: Main Theater, ACA

Date: September 2016

Role: Set and props design, props maker

Design Statement

The directors' request was to bring military-industrial-political-complex to the play. The design intent was to have a contemporary behemoth set that provides a backdrop for a parade of military and civilians, and props, spanning many eras. The set is stark and miserable when in the scene states and comes alive through lighting in entertaining song states. It is imposing, untouchable and never suffers the effect of the war. It is at odds with the grim, wounded and suffering individuals that inhabit it. All scenes are made from the main structure and movable, transformable cube. There is no ‘cart’ however the cube plays the roll and at the end of the play is attached to the main structure where we see Mother Courage struggle to pull the behemoth. The costumes span many different eras and military divisions, with the knowledge that the suffering and profiteering occur in all wars.The props are recognisable and current and are symbols of industrialisation and commercialisation. Weapons were made in-line with the costumes.The audience is left to ponder how individuals and institutions contribute, benefit and suffer from the war and hopefully realise that this observation is still relevant today.


Live design